“Ages" is the second album by Girl With The Gun.
As the title suggests, it is a record that has had a long gestation period, absorbing diverse stylistic inspirations throughout the writing process. The dreamy and ethereal sound of the self-titled debut album has developed into being more strong and muscular with their sophomore effort.
The stylistic range of the trio has opened further, from more distorted (“Hold on for Cues”, “Hover”), to Caribbean references (“Love far”) and indie-rock stylings (“At all” sounds as if it could have been written by Kim Deal during her Breeders period).
The shoegaze influence, represented well on their debut by a collaboration with Slowdive’s Simon Scott, remains and is evident in the reverberations of “Echo Alone” and the delayed feedback of “Long On.”
“Ages” is a contemporary pop album with references ranging from the 50’s to the present day.
The recording itself reveals a great attention to detail and a clever mix of both analog and digital. It is truly an old record with a modern heart.


released October 20, 2015



Interbang Records / Folk Wisdom Berlin, Germany

Interbang is an Italian Berlin-based record label and booking agency, founded in 2009. Folk Wisdom is its electronic sub-label born in 2014.
Adventurous, mysterious, genuine, easy, ironic, ingenious, honest, rare, precious, independent.

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